inThought Competitive Monitoring Report

When assessing the competitive landscape, many groups have a myopic view which may limit their understanding of important threats and opportunities. Whether your strategy is to defend and protect your market share or grow via acquisition, having the most rigorous data and insight is critical to your success. Our inThought Competitive Monitoring Report (CMR) is a powerful monthly deliverable, which is analysis driven, and provides you with the unique market acuity needed to support your firm’s most important business decisions.

Our monitoring allows you to quickly identify and gauge the latest clinical and commercial developments for a customized set of pipeline and marketed drugs. inThought will help you track:

  • Companies involved in the development and marketing of the compounds, including marketing geographies
  • Mechanism(s) of action
  • Route of administration, administration devices, approved indications, and doses
  • Catalysts (trial results, approvals, patent expirations, etc.)
  • Efficacy and side effect/safety profiles as well as other relevant details from the clinical program
  • Summary of clinical trials and results, including post-marketing trials
  • Summary of ongoing and planned clinical trials
  • Key information from company sources (such as earnings conference calls, corporate presentations, etc.) pertaining to the specific drug and its future development and/or strategy

Daily continuous surveillance of relevant news, catalysts, and events is crucial to your comprehension of the space. But this is only part of the equation. Even more important is putting this information into context. This is why we provide color coded alerts describing the news or event and an analytical assessment of the impact on your program and/or the market landscape.

inThought State of the Art

Quickly and efficiently getting up to speed on a therapeutic area or indication is imperative for many groups. Whether the space is completely new to you or your team needs to acquire the most current, relevant, and comprehensive understanding of the market, we can provide support. Our inThought State of The Art report will furnish an assessment of the current treatments in the area of interest, an overview of the important trials and upcoming data milestones, and physician views of the unmet needs and likely shifts in treatment paradigms. Our inThought SOTA report offers:

  • Key features of current and future treatments and emerging trends
  • Current and anticipated future unmet needs for the market in the U.S., EU, and other regions of interest
  • SWOT analysis of the late phase compounds and earlier stage MOAs
  • Attributes of an ideal Target Product Profile (TPP) for the indications of interest
  • Analysis of the potential treatment paradigm evolution – what are the most likely changes to the standard of care over the next 10 years, when will those changes be realized, and what factors to watch to verify that these changes are occurring
  • An assessment of what the competitive landscape will look like 5-10 years out
  • Companies currently and potentially involved in the therapeutic area, as well as an assessment of their overall strategy

inThought Conference Coverage Plus

Attending industry conferences is essential to gaining insight into the latest clinical data and emerging innovative techniques and obtaining intelligence on your competitors. Unfortunately, traditional conference coverage is often limited to rote documentation of study results. It is more important to put this information into context and rapidly assess the likely impact to your business.

Our Conference Coverage objectives include:

  • Capturing, Synthesizing, and providing commentary on important findings relevant to your key intelligence topics and questions (KITs and KIQs)
  • Discussing the potential implications these findings may have on your franchise
  • Identifying and commenting on any unanticipated developments from the meeting that could potentially have an impact – positive or negative – on your initiatives

inThought will work with your team prior to the meeting to determine appropriate objectives and coordinate during the meeting to debrief, offer insight and collate key intelligence gathered from all participants. Daily email reports from the meeting will capture the pulse of the conference, stimulating discussion of meaningful findings and implications among group recipients. The final report will allow both those who attended and those who were unable to attend the conference to have an overview of significant trends and updates. This report will be a strategically focused review of the data, and more importantly, discussion of the impact of that data and the opinions of the presenters and attendees.

inThought Approvability Index and Revenue Forecasts

While some companies develop their own detailed forecasts, many understand the value in obtaining an independent third party point of view on the likelihood of success and revenue potential for the drugs in a therapeutic area. By utilizing our probability of approval models and revenue forecasts, you will obtain an objective and unbiased forecast of the commercial potential of those assets. This powerful information will change your perception or confirm what you already know, allowing you to move forward with a strategy.


The inThought Approvability Index is a dynamic tool that assesses the progress of a drug candidate through clinical development, evaluating strength of clinical data and trial design, benchmarked against historical parameters and likelihood to maintain forward momentum. inThought analysts scrutinize all aspects of development (preclinical to current phase), validate hypotheses with KOLs and investigators, and assign points for specific line items relating to safety, efficacy, tolerability and other factors. Possible points total 100 upon drug approval, and are allocated in each phase according to the historical approval rate of similar drugs, such that the current points of a drug relate to its probability of approval. In addition, a letter grade is assigned and reflects the momentum of a drug candidate in its current phase, with “A” indicating significantly above average/likely to progress, “C” indicating average, and “F” indicating significantly below average/unlikely to progress.

Revenue Forecasts

For a customized set of pipeline and marketed drugs, inThought will develop a revenue forecast that includes historical data for the past three years and projects seven years into the future. Forecasts are delivered in an editable Excel format, and kept up-to-date for one year based on results, events, and shifting competitive threats.

Models are developed for a given therapeutic area based on the addressable patient population, allowing for detailed assessment of a compound’s real or potential competitive landscapes. Epidemiological considerations include; estimates of disease incidence, prevalence, growth rates, and death rates. Models are developed separately for the U.S., Europe, and Japan. For developmental agents, the revenue forecast assumes the drug or device is approved. Risk-adjusted projections can be developed by multiplying the revenue potential for developmental programs by the probability of approval as assessed by the inThought Approvability Index.

inThought Ad Hoc Projects

Knowing that intelligence can be subject to depreciation, we designed inThought to swiftly respond to new requirements and shifting priorities. Periodically, you may promptly need to know which developmental drugs in your space have the highest probability of approval, how will the catalysts over the past month impact your market and brand, or who are the most threatening competitors in your space and how are they positioning their asset to price. Whether you need support around key events or answers to senior leadership questions, inThought can provide the most valuable information and analysis on demand.

By leveraging inVision, our proprietary knowledge management application, we can offer the intelligence you need, in the format you require, when you want it.

If you have an internal fire drill or need to attain a rapid assessment of a competitor, target or indication, we can deliver a solution with minimal turn around.