Conference Coverage

With our life science and pharmaceutical conference coverage services, you can gain the latest insight combined with our expert analysis—without having to attend a conference yourself. We use our proprietary inVision platform to organize disparate information from medical conferences along with inThought expert analysis.

Our conference coverage goes beyond the new data presented, capturing the impact of that data and the opinions of the presenters and attendees as well. Keep tabs on the latest trends, and quickly find the information you need so you can focus on the implications for your business.

Virtual Coverage Available

As conventions postpone or go virtual amid social distancing due to the COVID-19 outbreak, inThought’s web-based technology platform, inVision, can help companies stay on top of cutting-edge scientific information. inVision’s Conference Module is uniquely suited for companies to access relevant congress data and analysis, even if they are not attending the convention onsite.

With added functionality for virtual conferences and virtual debriefs, data is maintained on your customized site, which your team members can access in real time. inThought can cover the conference for you, or we can work with your current vendor to use only the technology platform.

Customize Your Report

Prior to the conference, we will work with you to create a customized schedule that includes all relevant presentations and sessions, based on your company’s competitors and key intelligence questions/topics (KIQs/KITs). The schedule is filterable and features links to specific abstracts.

Comprehensive Notes, Images & Analysis

During the meeting, inVision is populated with notes, slides and poster images, KOL comments, booth coverage details, and other data points. inThought subject matter experts attending the conference on your behalf enter this information, which is tagged to your KITs/KIQs, and supplement it with their initial, real-time analysis. Your inVision portal can also be configured to accept input directly from your team members during the meeting via laptop and mobile devices.