Bennett C. Weintraub, PhD


After completing his training in immunology and biochemistry, Dr. Weintraub began work as a financial analyst in 2000. Collaborating with Leon Henderson and Chris Martin, Dr. Weintraub co-founded BiotechTracker, an online tool for investors. In 2004, he became a licensed security analyst with Hibernia Southcoast Capital covering the biotechnology sector, and later performed the same role at Variant Research. In 2006, Dr. Weintraub joined Dr. Henderson and Dr. Zuckerman at Reuters Insight, providing analysis of drug development and trends in medicine to professional investors. Dr. Weintraub’s team founded inThought in January 2009.

Prior to 2000, Dr. Weintraub was senior scientific editor for the biology research journals Cell and Molecular Cell. Dr. Weintraub performed biochemistry and immunology research at Stanford University and at the John Curtin School of Medical Research in Canberra, Australia. He earned his doctorate in Biology from the University of California, San Diego, and a Bachelor of Science in Life Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.