Eric Tapley

Information Technology Director

Mr. Tapley is the lead architect and developer for the inVision system. Prior to working with inThought he has led a number of software teams for 20 years in the online space across a variety of industries including healthcare, finance, and education, including the American Red Cross, Brandeis University, and UMass.

Mr. Tapley became involved with inThought after it launched as a stand-alone company in May 2014 in order to assist Dr. Weintraub in planning, building, deploying and maintaining inVision – our online healthcare knowledge management platform. He joined our team as a full-time member in 2017. His current role as the main system architect includes developing new features and functionality to meet the needs of inThought clients and analysts. Eric Tapley received a BS in System Dynamics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and holds certificates from Boston University for small business entrepreneurship.