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September 3, 2020, Houston, TX – inDemic announces the launch of its COVID-19 knowledge management system. inDemic is a non-profit organization that provides information and synthesis related to a wide range of pandemic solutions to help medical researchers, policymakers, and the public make informed decisions.

inDemic’s initial focus is on COVID-19 therapies and vaccines. The site provides in-depth news and analysis of therapies that are being tested to treat COVID-19. The inDemic Watchlist highlights therapies that warrant particular attention. The system allows users to view therapies by patient segment (severity of disease), by mechanism of action (e.g. anti-viral vs. immunomodulatory), and by availability (including time-to-market for developmental therapies).

Details on vaccines includes assessment of the path to approval and use, with a detailed timeline for the lead vaccine candidates.

The inDemic system is curated by Sam Sun, the inDemic Director. Dr. Sun is a resident physician at Texas Medical Center. Dr. Sun previously worked at the McDonnell Genome Institute, where he contributed to publications in Cell and Nature Genetics, and co-founded Sling Health, a medtech incubator.  He received an MD from Washington University and a BS from Olin College of Engineering.

Assessments are performed by the inDemic Scientific Advisory Board:

  • Robert Dickson, pulmonologist and critical care physician, and Associate Professor at University of Michigan
  • Marc Lipsitch, epidemiologist, and Professor at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
  • Leon Henderson-MacLennan, clinical geneticist and internist, and Medical Advisor to inThought Research.

Scientists, clinicians, and other interested parties can register for a free account at that will allow access to the inDemic system as well as email alerts when new content is added.

About inDemic

inDemic is a new non-profit organization that is creating a knowledge management system to compile, organize, and analyze specific information relevant to the management of the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, inDemic will focus on the best practices of testing COVID-19 therapies, the timeline for data and approval of the most promising therapeutics and vaccines, issues concerning the secondary impact of the pandemic on physical and mental health, and lessons learned that may improve response to future outbreaks.

inDemic was founded by inThought Research, a leading pharmaceutical and life science consulting firm providing analytical, forecasting, and competitive intelligence services to support strategic and tactical decisions of biopharmaceutical and financial firms.