The greatest challenge in healthcare business intelligence is not finding information about competitive drug development and marketed products, but rather organizing and assessing the huge amount of clinical, regulatory, scientific, and commercial information, allowing it to be utilized with efficiency and impact.

To address this challenge, inThought has developed the inVision system, a customizable knowledge management application designed for the unique business needs of life science companies. inVision is a modern web application developed by our in-house team with usability, security, and a customer-first focus in mind.

As new information is obtained, it is parsed and tagged to your Key Intelligence Questions (KIQs) and other topics of interest by inThought’s subject matter experts. Analysis is added to each piece of information, creating a searchable history of the information relevant to a given topic. New information added to the system generates email alerts to your team that not only report the news but also comment on its relevance to your programs.

With a focus on answering your key intelligence questions and supporting your business needs, the inVision system allows information collected and analyzed by inThought’s subject matter experts to be assigned to multiple workstreams, updating key intelligence questions, timelines, competitor profiles, and pipeline summaries. The information can then be viewed longitudinally, giving your team constant access to organized, relevant information with analysis and implications.