Animal Gift

As a holiday gift in 2022, inThought has donated a range of different livestock through Heifer International, a nonprofit organization that works alongside local farmers and business owners to end hunger and poverty around the world. Our animal gift will support the lives of families in need, providing them access to medicine, school, food and a sustainable livelihood.

Animals We Have Donated

  • 10 Goats


    Goats are known for providing delicious milk, which can be used to create cheese that can be sold for income, in turn providing a family’s children the opportunity to go to school. Goat milk is more easily digestible, and one animal can produce up to four gallons a day.

  • 10 Alpacas


    Alpacas are provided to families living in high altitudes in the Andes Mountains of South America. Thanks to the money earned from selling the wool, a child will finally get a chance at an education and a family will have an opportunity to provide and care for themselves.

  • 5 Pigs


    A pig donation will provide a family with much-needed protein and nourishment. Thanks to the income earned from selling the offspring, it can pull a family from the burden of hunger.

  • 3 Sheep


    The wool from the sheep is a valuable resource that can provide warm clothing for families and children living in harsh environments. It can provide milk for hungry families, and it can boost income through sales of extra wool.

  • 10 Flocks of Ducks


    Ducks benefit the family by providing eggs and protein for nourishment. It can boost income through sales of eggs, feathers and down, allowing a family the opportunity to send their children to school.

  • 10 Honeybee Hives


    Healthy beehives can double fruit and vegetable yields of small farms by stimulating growth of a family’s crops through pollination. It can also boost income through the sales of honey, wax and pollen.