HIGH IMPACTArdelyx has launched Ibsrela (tenapanor) for the treatment of IBS-C in adults. Ardelyx has also created a patient support program ArdelyxAssist. 

Ibsrela messaging highlights its different mechanisms of action, 3 way in which it treats constipation and pain (softens stool and accelerates bowel movement, improves leaky gut to reduce abdominal pain, and lessens activity of pain-sensing nerves in the intestine to reduce abdominal pain).

The Ibsrela co-pay program allows eligible commercial insurance patients to pay as little as $0. [Ibsrela Website]

inThought Analysis

Despite speculations from the Street on whether Ardelyx will have enough cash runway to launch Ibsrela (which stemmed from the new risk language provided in their latest regulatory filing), the company has launched the drug on time.

Ibsrela is priced at WAC $25 per pill, or $1500 per 60 unit package. With BID dosing the annual cost of the drug is $18250, at a significant premium to $16.35 per pill for Linzess with annual cost of $5968 with QD dosing.


Source: Ardelyx Press Release